Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples (AEDPfC) is a modality that I have chosen to work in because it emphasizes the power of love. Couples therapy can be fraught with tension and can be highly unpleasant both for the individuals in the couple and for the therapist. However, this approach, because of its focus on love, changes that dynamic. It is that love you feel when you are safest with your partner, the love that drew you together in the first place and the love that is bringing you to counseling now. Using seven “channels of experience” I assist each member in finding and naming their current experience and helping to communicate that to their partner. Each person has strong channels, familiar ones they are used to experiencing themselves through and more blocked ones. My job as therapist is to help give language and understanding, bridging one persons “felt experience” to the the other, and each striving to do so with the motivation and support of love. The seven channels are emotion, energy, movement, sensation, vision, auditory and imaginal. Each one of these channel may be communicating something about an individuals authentic core experience that that individual is to varying degrees conscious of, and the partner may be aware of or not. For example one may say “what you just said takes the wind out of my sails”. This is both imaginal and energetic. As the therapist I may ask the individual to describe more about that “felt sense”, and if there is a deeper root in it, or a past experience that informs the current moment. Through this process of self discovery and deepening of conscious experiencing, and with the partner present to witness and accept that experience in themselves and in the other, the love and understanding for one another naturally deepens and heals.