Self Discovery

This topic section is for those who are feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, trapped, underwhelmed, numb or generally unfulfilled. This approach can be used alone or in conjunction with other interventions for more specific issues such as grief or anxiety. The approach I use for self discovery and ultimately for living a more vibrant and meaningful life is called acceptance commitment therapy (ACT). This approach incorporates mindfulness and awareness development, values identification and clarification, and behavioral interventions. Through ACT guidance ones actions in life become more aligned with their core values. The Quakers have a concept called “the still small voice” which speaks to the notion I seek to help others identify and strengthen in themselves. One might also call this your higher self, intuition, true self, or even soul. The idea is that each person has a unique set of desires, needs, values, aspirations, gifts, limits, boundaries and strengths that, when headed, lead to ones highest potential and fulfillment. My aim to help reveal that true self out from under the “shoulds”, fears, shame and judgments acquired from family, society and even from ones self. Once this inner knowing is identified, we work together to strengthen this voice and then to learn to take actions in your life which are in line with it. This process begins to be a self rewarding system and a quiet confidence and fulfillment forms. “Know thy self” is another famous concept that speaks to this process. I believe each persons true value is inherent, we just need to find it and honor it with out judgement. So much of the human life can be lived on automatic, I am honored to be witness to the true use of the human will as those brave enough embark on this hero’s journey.